Current Openings:

General Laborer

Job Summary:

The Construction Assistant will perform a wide range of physical labor
tasks in support of workers on the construction site.

Supervisory Responsibilities:



Assists skilled workers as assigned. This may include jobs such as
demolition, carrying pipe, or construction.
Unloads materials that are delivered such as pipe or tools and
distributes them to appropriate location as identified by supervisor,
project plans, or specifications.
Prepares layout area where construction will take place by properly
measuring, marking, or recording openings or distances.
Prepares tools and materials for skilled workers such as cable, pipe
or ground wire.
Cleans and prepares specific areas of jobsite as assigned. This may
include digging trenches; erecting scaffolding; cleaning up rubble,
debris, and trash; or removing hazardous materials.
Operates a wide variety of hand and power tools.
Directs traffic near, in, or around work zones.
Motions equipment operator to assist with alignment, movement, or
adjustment of machinery, equipment, or materials.
Cleans jobsite at the end of the day, ensuring trash is properly
disposed of and materials or equipment are properly stored.
Performs other related duties as assigned.
Performs routine maintenance and repairs.

Required Skills/Abilities:

Ability to listen to, understand, and follow directions.
Ability to remain flexible as specific assignments change.
Ability to work with a variety of personalities.
Ability to perform basic arithmetic as needed to count and take inventory.
Must possess good communication skills with the general public
Must possess problem-solving, analytical, troubleshooting and
organizations skills.

Physical Requirements:

Must have physical strength, balance, hand-eye coordination, and
stamina necessary to complete jobs in various areas.
Must be able to lift and carry up to 80 pounds and push and/or pull
50-pound loads at a time.
Must be able to stand and walk up to eight hours per day and climb
multiple sets of stairs while carrying materials weighing between 40
and 60 pounds.
Must be able to ride in a vehicle up to two hours to travel to and
from job sites.
May spend prolonged periods of time operating machinery.
Must be able to work in different temperatures and changing weather conditions.
Must be able to traverse and inspect all areas of jobsite in all types
of weather; this may include walking, climbing, reaching, bending,
crawling, or stretching.
Exposure to characteristic construction site dangers.


Please send all resumes to [email protected]